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This Prospectus has been prepared and is made available solely for the purpose of the Offer to Infinera’s employees in Sweden to participate in the ESPP. The information in the Prospectus is only provided in contemplation of the Offer and may not be used for any other purpose. Consequently, this Prospectus is not addressed to persons in, and the Prospectus may not be published or distributed in or into, any country or other jurisdiction where such action would require additional prospectuses, registration or measures besides those required by Swedish law, or otherwise would be in conflict with applicable regulations. Any failure to comply with such restrictions may result in a violation of applicable securities regulations.

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1.Where does Infinera trade and what is its stock symbol?

Infinera’s common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “INFN”.

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2.Does Infinera sell stock directly to the public?

Infinera currently does not sell stock directly to the public. To purchase Infinera stock, you must go through a broker.

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3.Does Infinera issue dividends? Does the company have a dividend re-investment (DRIP) program?

The Company does not currently pay a dividend and so does not offer a DRIP program.

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4.Who should I contact regarding questions about my stock certificates or changes to my account?

If you hold stock directly, please contact our transfer agent.

If you hold stock through a broker, please contact your broker.

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5.Who is Infinera’s stock transfer agent and how can I contact them?

Computershare Shareholder Services

You may also access your account online by visiting Computershare’s Investor Centre at

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6.What is a transfer agent?

A transfer agent manages the accounts of registered shareholders and directly held accounts. Transfer agents can help shareholders change the title on their stock certificates, update addresses and assist when stock certificates are lost, stolen or missing.

Transfer agents do not hold records for beneficial accounts, i.e. those with shares bought, sold or held at brokerage firms. Records of beneficial holders are kept by the brokerage firm.

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7.Can you provide me with my cost basis in Infinera stock for tax purposes?

Please contact your tax advisor to better understand and establish your cost basis for Infinera stock. Infinera does not maintain shareholders’ records. If you are a direct shareholder, you may contact our transfer agent ( or if you own shares through a brokerage firm, please contact your broker directly for additional information on your account.

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8.When is the next quarterly financials release date?

The Company generally puts out a press release announcing the date of its quarterly earnings announcement approximately two to four weeks prior to the announcement.

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9.When do Infinera’s fiscal quarters end?

Infinera’s fiscal quarters in general are 13 weeks long and end on the last Saturday of March, June, September and December. Every seven years, there is an extra week in one quarter.

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10.When did Infinera go public?

We went public on June 7, 2007.

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11.Who are Infinera’s independent public accountants?

Ernst & Young, LLP

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12.Can you send me analyst research reports on Infinera?

It is Infinera’s policy not to distribute analyst research reports.

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13.How do I contact Investor Relations?

Please contact:
Investor Relations
+1 (408) 542-6205

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